Compact, Lightweight and innovative air motors

Atlas Copco offers the largest air motor range in the market, with industry-leading technology. We offer vane, piston, and turbine air motors, coupled with planetary and helical gear combinations.

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Three different air motor technologies

Our LZB and LZL vane air motors are tiny, lightweight, and come in a number of configurations to fulfill a wide range of speed and torque needs. The PZB piston motor is quiet and efficient, with low speed and good beginning torque. The TZB turbine motor repurposes the a-turbine motor cell, improving its stability under larger loads. Use our Air Motor Online Selector to determine which air motor is ideal for your application.

Custom air motor solutions

We design our bespoke air motor solutions to satisfy the widest variety of demands unique to each customer. To provide a better product for your end consumers, Atlas Copco will collaborate with you to identify suggestions that are most appropriate for your application. Get in touch with your Atlas Copco agent to find out more about unique air motor solutions.

Air Motors

Piston Air Motor PZB

Efficiency and durability in small motor housing

Turbine Air Motor TZB

Boost your productivity and save energy

Vane Air Motor LZB

Designed to deliver high performance and high reliability standards

Vane Air Motor LZL

Designed to provide outstanding starting and low speed performance

Vane Air Vane Air Motor with Helical Gearbox LZL Motor LZL

Designed to provide high power at low speed

For further insights and detailed technical information, consult the Pocket Guide to Air Motors by Atlas Copco or Contact us directly.