Designed to provide high power at low speed

All Atlas Copco motors are supplied with a threaded exhaust port, permitting a screw-in silencer to be fitted to reduce noise levels. By fitting a hose between the exhaust port and the silencer, the noise level can be reduced even further. The effect of employing the various silencing techniques is indicated in the illustration and table below. Note that a silencer may cause power loss if it is incorrectly sized.

General Overview

The LZL vane motor is available directly mounted to a helical gearbox to create different speeds and torques that are most suitable for your application. The output depends on the gear ratio within the helical gear. The motors are available in two mounting configurations: foot or flange.


  • IEC and NEMA mounting options
  • Lubrication free
  • Reversible
  • Stainless steel available
  • Good low speed characteristics

  • Reliable starting
  • Strong bearings
  • Long vane life
  • Efficient power transmission


The power motors come in all five sizes and are designed to give highest power and still maintain the good low speed characteristics. These motors need lubricated air.

Typically these motors are characterized by:

  • Reliable starting.
  • High starting torque and good low speed characteristics.
  • Wide speed and torque range.
  • Sturdy, compact construction to withstand rough treatment.
  • Inlet and outlet port restrictors permit free speed running.
  • Long working life and easy servicing.
  • They can be Ex certified to the ATEX. Class Ex ll 2G T2 llC D240° C.


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