An Introduction to Air Motors

Converting compressed air energy to mechanical work through linear or rotary motion for centuries. Safe, flexible, and reliable. The compact, lightweight, and airtight option that packs a powerful punch. 

The pneumatic or air motor has been around for over two centuries. Having amassed a substantial operational history alongside numerous refinements over time. It’s evident that modern air motors are built upon a well-established technology that offers safety, reliability, and flexibility. Thanks to their ability to work faster and harder than many other motor types. Air motors offer significant benefits for a variety of industrial processes for manufacturers across a wide range of industry areas. 

Compressed air powers air motors, converting compressed air energy into mechanical work through linear or rotary motion. This approach is straightforward, secure, and readily accessible due to the easy distribution of compressed air through cost-effective pipework. Something that is already available in most manufacturing environments. 

Air motors are compact, reliable and light weight and can in comparison to electric motors. They offer unprecedented safety, operational and cost of ownership advantages. 

  • Safety is always a top priority in industrial manufacturing environments. In sensitive manufacturing environments, air motors do not overheat or produce any sparks. The characteristics that virtually eliminate the risk of fire or explosion. 
  • Air motors offer a power-to-weight ratio that is 2-3 times higher than electric motors. It Can operate in any position making them the perfect alternative for applications that require both flexibility and power. 
  • An air motor does not heat up or degrade even at high cycle rates. While operators need to monitor the heat of electric and battery tools to avoid damage. Air motors are cooled by the supplied air expansion thereby offering a reliable non-stop operation. 
  • With comparable lower installation and maintenance costs the air motor increases manufacturing productivity and reduces total cost of ownership. 


You can find air motors in different sizes, the modern models of air motors have compact design, high power-to-weight ratios, sizes up to 6500W being lubrication-free. You can find models available in stainless steel versions and ATEX-certified, depending on the application and requirements you have to consider. 

Explore the different types of air motors and choose the right product for your needs, or contact us for more information.