Air motors and stainless steel. A clean sweep for the food industry

Air motors are used for numerous applications in a variety of manufacturing industries. But perhaps nowhere else do the unique characteristics of air motor present such operational advantages as in the food industry.

The food industry is notorious for being a wet environment with strict requirements regarding cleanliness and hygiene. Hence, manufacturing plants require regular washing, rendering the use of electric motors unsuitable. Instead, air motor, that do not overheat or produce any sparks, present a safe alternative and when available in stainless steel packaging, they are simply the ideal solution for the food industry 

With stainless steel air motor, you can face any challenge the food industry can present. Only a handful of suppliers provide stainless steel outer housings, and upon request, they can also manufacture the internal motor cell of the air motor using stainless steel. Choosing this option ensures minimal corrosion of components and maintenance needs, while also enhancing their resistance to other chemicals they might encounter.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to design the stainless steel air motors for lubrication-free operation. As the vanes in air motors wear, they lubricate themselves. This advantage becomes apparent in the food industry, where the use of lubrication in tools and motors is frequently prohibited. In turn, this capability of being lubrication-free leads to additional reduction in maintenance costs.

Another thing to consider is the size of the air motor, the smallest and most compact ones are the best option, and it becomes an advantage when attempting to install a motor in a confined or cramped area. 

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